Privacy Policy and Cookies

To personalize content and ads, social media functions providing and analyzing our traffic, we use cookies.

Cookies are small text files that a website or sometimes even email messages are placed on your computer. Cookies operators to transmit auxiliary information. For you as a user, this means that you can effectively use the site, for example, without having to log in each time. Cookies will also ensure that you are provided with the relevant information.

On our website we use two kinds of cookies:

  • Cookies valid for a session ("session cookies"), which are each time you visit our site deleted.
  • Persistent cookies stored after several visits to our site.

All of these cookies are essential for the efficient use of our website.

Cookies valid for a session ("session cookies") used by the server to store information about activities on our website, so the user can easily resume where the last pages used. Pages generally have no "memory". Cookies provide information site, what pages the user has to show that it did not have to remember or navigate from the beginning. Cookies are therefore a kind of bookmarks within our sites.

Persistent cookies ("persistent or tracking cookies") are used to store user preferences. If you wish, the browser settings can restrict, delete or off, but it will be limited use of our website. For more information on how to disable cookies please page About cookies Website.

Through our web services can be saved in your browser cookies and operators of advertising systems for the purpose of remarketing or for displaying ads that are more relevant to you. If you do not store these cookies, it is possible to use block at here.


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