About us

The European databank JSC. (EDB) processes and presents information about Czech companies in the Czech Republic and abroad, provides its clients, in addition to quality database registrations with regard to content and graphics, all services related to Internet marketing (PPC campaigns, banner campaigns, production of websites, SEO, ...), but also complete advertising services (print, outdoor, TV, radio, ...).   

EDB is a joint-stock company with its own network of branches. It has been operating in the Czech market since 1991 and it ranks among leading companies in this field.

Important milestones

  • Redesign of internet presentations of clients and websites www.edb.cz
  • A new banner ad format is included in the products - Responsive IPK banner, within which is Seo editing texts (microsites, PR articles, subpages)
  • We have launched a unique banner ad system - Product banner, Individual banner, Banner support for content products (microsites, PR articles, subpages)
  •  Design for foreign presentations
  • New design for IPK (Internet Presentation of Client)
  • Banner support for PR articles and microsites
  • It´s possible to create thematic subpages for each IPK
  • We have extended language versions of client presentations EN, DE, SK with Italian - IT, Polish - PL, Spanish – ES
  • We produce new affordable design websites for our clients
  • EDB pages are responsive
  • Language versions of client presentations in EN, DE - added in Slovak – SK
  • Starting the e-shop with company databases
  • Other services were incorporated into the product portfolio of EDB - graphic advertising (branding), PR articles and sophisticated system of client's on top registrations.
  • Attendance exceeded 1,250,000 real users per month.
  • Launching a new client's website (client's Internet presentation) - this website becomes the second fully-fledged client's website.
  • EDB servers attendance exceeded 1,000,000 unique visitors per month.
  • We extended offer of PPC text advertising EDBClick on Facebook.
  • We celebrated 20 years since establishment of our company.
  • EDB servers attendance exceeded 800,000 unique visitors per month.
  • We started production of websites for our clients.
  • We extended offer of PPC text advertising EDBClick on all PPC systems in the Czech Republic (Etarget, Google Adwords and Sklik) and Google Adwords as well as abroad.
  • EDB servers attendance exceeded 600,000 unique visitors per month.
  • We started cooperation with Katalog firem (Catalogue of companies) 1188. More at www.edb.cz.
  • Our clients got opportunity to publish their offers also abroad, namely in English and German language.
  • EDB servers attendance exceeded 520,000 unique visitors per month.
  • EDB launches a new product EIM (EDB Internet Media); EIM is a banner campaign at unbeatable prices.
  • The change of the client page form; EDB expands possibilities of graphic elements by flash applications.
  • EDB offers PPC text advertising EDBClick in the Etarget system.
  • www.poptavka.net; EDB launches an inquiry portal.
  • www.14000.cz; EDB launches portal about its voice services.
  • www.nabidka.net; EDB launched advertising portal for offers of clients.
  • Skype call centre; EDB launched the first Skype call centre in the Czech Republic at www.14000.cz.
  • Cooperation with Podnikatel.cz; EDB started to supply its data to other business server.
  • 15 years of the EDB on the Czech market.
  • www.edb.eu; EDB launched a portal for international cooperation.
  • Advertising inquiry service; EDB broadens the offer of services. Visitors of www.edb.cz write what they are looking for and companies let them know themselves.
  • Improvement of searching system at www.edb.cz.
  • Marketing information; EDB extends the offer of services. EDB workers send clients required lists of companies.
  • CD for foreign countries; EDB issues data on Czech companies in the English and German language for foreign firms.
  • Findability of EDB clients in search engines and public portals improves.
  • EDB call centre; EDB launched activities of modern call centre in Brno.
  • Cooperation with cities; 250 subjects took part in the project of cooperation EDB with the urban and municipal servers.
  • 1188; EDB started to supply its data to telephone service 1188 (O2).
  • Europages; EDB strengthened searching of foreign companies by cooperation with the Europages.com server.
  • A new look of the server www.edb.cz.
  • www.edb.net in German language; presentation of the server in German language. At the same time the English version was improved.
  • Cooperation with cities; the launch of the cooperation project of EDB with urban and municipal servers.
  • The new head office in Brno; general representation of EDB was moved to more representative rooms in Brno, Hviezdoslavova 53.
  • Database at EDB.cz; EDB extends the offer of services by making the database accessible to clients at www.edb.cz.
  • A new look of www.edb.cz.
  • A new company name; change of the business name "EDB-Dataservis a.s." to the "Evropska databanka a.s.".
  • Record of contracts; the number of contracts exceeds 100,000.
  • The change of the client page form; EDB extends the offer of services by the opportunity to insert graphic materials into the client page.
  • Information line 14000; change of telephone number 185 to 14000.
  • EDB became the most frequented server of the Czech Republic in the field of Economy and Finance according to measurement of NAVRCHOLU.cz.
  • EDB a.s.; EDB changes its legal form from the s.r.o. (Ltd.) to a.s. (JSC).
  • The record number of calls; number of calls on information line 185 exceeds 10,000/day.
  • Contact data of foreign companies; EDB extends the offer of services by the provision of search of foreign companies.
  • Cooperation with the European Commission; within supporting of small and medium sized enterprises, European databank begins to cooperate with the European Commission.
  • Information line 185; there was created an information line to provide information on companies and services in the Czech and Slovak Republics.
  • EDB-Dataservis s.r.o. (Ltd.).; launching of European databank activity for the former CSFR.
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